M.A.C Studio Sculpt Gel Foundation Review

My first review is on the M.A.C Studio Sculpt Foundation. I’ve had this gem of a product in my kit for about a year now and love it for both personal and professional use.

This being M.A.C the packaging is very sleek and also professional looking. You get 40ml of product, which in my view is very good for a high end foundation. 
In my experience it is of a medium to high buildable coverage and covers redness nicely, however it does not eliminate the need for a concealer. 
While I do like the aesthetic of the sleek tube and I do find it travels very well, as it is flexible, shatter proof plastic. I do have issues with the fact it is easy to squeeze too much product out and as it is a tube, the product is wasted. But with practice you can easily gauge the amount of product.
M.A.C market this as a gel foundation and I do find it more gel than liquid. It is very good on normal and dry skin and would definitely need setting on oily skins. One thing to take into account if using this for photography is that as it has an SPF factor you will get ‘flashback’ from it, and as such would need a good, matte setting powder. 
I like to apply this product with either my M.A.C or Real Techniques stippling brush. I find it gives a beautiful semi matte airbrushed finish. I then set it with a powder. This usually, except in the most humid weather, gives about eleven hours wear on my skin.
One thing I know people aren’t keen on about this foundation and it is something some clients have picked up on, is the smell. This foundation does have a weird smell to it. However it is no where near as bad as the Revlon Colourstay foundation and it does fade as soon as the foundation sets unlike some other foundations.(Revlon I’m talking to you!) 
40ml tube, so a lot of foundation for £25.
Good coverage.
Good for traveling and makeup bags.
Good coverage.
Blends nicely. 
Flashback when photographed unless thoroughly set. 
Slight smell (fades once dry)
Slight product wastage with tube packaging. 
All in all I LOVE this foundation and it is a go to product of mine for professional work when more coverage is needed. I would 100% recommend setting this foundation, unless you want to illuminate a whole room with your face when photographed but for it’s coverage, design, moisturizing property’s and SPF factor. I can’t recommend this product enough.


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