How to care for spot prone skin.

Hey Dolls, sorry I haven’t posted in awhile I have been busy working on a college assignment (on DERMATITIS!! >.> ) Anyway, as I am a teenager and a makeup student I am aware most of us suffer with spots, breakouts and pimples (technically three words for the same thing but shh it’s MUA jargon). But I have learnt several ways to keep my blemish prone skin largely under control. Let me tell you, these tips have made a world of difference to me. So hopefully they can help you too.

1: Diet.
As I know this one won’t make me very popular, I figured I may as well get this out of the way. Diet is hugely important to your skin. It can dry it out. it can make it appear ashen or it can make it very oily. So if you wish to cut down on very oily, spot prone skin, the first and most beneficial step can be making changes to your diet. Lots of fresh foods, cutting out fatty snacks and oily fried food and getting more exercise can dramatically improve your skin.

Other damaging dietary no nos are excessive alcohol consumption,  too much coffee or tea and too much sugar. However don’t deprive yourself of something you love, I know I could NEVER eradicate coffee from my life.
Things like drinking a lot of water, eating fresh fruit and leading a healthy lifestyle are great for your skin. They really make a huge difference.

2: The right Cleansers.
I have tried a tonne of cleansers to mixed results and can finally say I have found my holy grail of cleansers. I use two different cleansers, one at night to remove makeup and grime from my face before I sleep and another night and morning that is designed to treat blemishes and remove excess oils from the skin.

The first cleanser I swear by is by Nivea, this is the one I use to remove makeup in the evening, it is their Refreshing Face Wash. I got this in Superdrug for about £3 and I can’t believe how long it is lasting. It is amazing. It is very gentle on the skin and very effectively removes makeup. I swear by it.

My absolute MIRACLE product for spot prone skin is by Avene. It is their Soapless Cleanser For Oily And Blemish Prone Skin (rolls of the tongue, right?) This isn’t cheap, it costs around £10.50 depending on where you purchase it,(UK readers you can buy it from Boots, link here) but it is worth every penny. You need such a small amount. I have been using the same bottle for about nine months and am no where near finishing it. It is a insanely good product for combating blemishes. I can’t recommend it enough. You do need to moisturize after using it though, and this brings me very nicely onto my next tip.

I know a lot of people who think because they have oily skin they shouldn’t moisturize. This is NOT the case! A good oil free moisturizer is vital. I personally love Clean & Clears Oil Free Moisturizer. It is very light, sent free and also has the bonus of helping get rid of spots. Win/Win.

Ladies (and boys, I’m not judging) NEVER sleep in your makeup! Your skin needs to breathe. Before you go to bed remove all makeup and apply a good moisturizer. Otherwise you will very quickly get clogged pores and the mother of all breakouts.

5: Sleep:
Sleep is vital, not just for your health, but for you skin as well. Bags under the eyes isn’t the only sign you don’t get enough kip. It can cause breakouts, redness and tired and dull looking skin. So make sure you get plenty of rest.


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