M.A.C Fix+ Review

Hey Dolls,
So this is a very quick review on MACs Fix+. There seems a lot of confusion over what this product actually is, as the name Fix+ insinuates that it is in some way a setting spray…..which I’m not sure it really is. It certainly hasn’t prolonged the wear of my makeup, but it certainly has some other very good uses.

This product is £13 from MAC and you get 100mls of…..water. But it isn’t just water, it is infused with cucumber, minerals, caffeine, ginger and all sorts of other ‘good for skin’ things. Does that equal £13 worth? I hear you ask….well yes and no. As I say it is NOT a fixing spray but it has a lot of uses.

You can spray it on your face before your makeup to hydrate and freshen your skin. You can spritz it on an eye shadow brush and use it as a mixing medium. You can use it to freshen your face during the day AND my personal favourite, spray it on your face AFTER your setting powder. You may ask why as it’s not a finishing spray but what it does very well is remove the powdery finish from makeup and gives your skin a gorgeous dewy glow. It looks (and feels) AMAZING.

Would I buy it again when I run out?
I’m not sure, but there is a very high chance I would. It is amazing.
Until next time dolls. Xoxo.


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