Illamasqua Art Of Darkness Palette Review

Hey Dolls. Today I’m reviewing Illamasqua’s Art Of Darkness Liquid Metal Pallette. (Photos and swatches below.) I picked this up in Illamasquas sale last year and have only just thought to review it. It retails for around £35 and you get four GORGEOUS cream pigments. Stoic, (green),Solstice, (gold) Resolute, (rust red) and Superior (Dark blue). In the pan these shades are all gorgeous molten metals and the payoff is insane. One swipe gives full colour. It is unbelievable.

However the liquid metals are a bit infamous for the wrong reasons. Sadly you can’t keep them on your lid. They crease, they slide, they fade. It is so heart breaking. Although if you apply them on primed lids and then dust them with a translucent setting powder you can keep them in place.

As always with Illamasqua, the packaging is gorgeous. It is in their standard sculpted, glossy black plastic case. It oozes luxury. It is also sturdy as hell too. God knows how many times I’ve dropped it (whoops). Yet there is not a scratch on it.

You can also use these gorgeous pigments on the face and body, you could do AMAZING things with this palette if creative or bizarre makeup is your thing. Ivy green contour with gold highlights? *drools*. As with all Illamasqua makeup, it was created to be played with. There are no rules.

You do need to play with the liquid metals to make them work, but they’re worth it. They are so beautiful.

Packaging: 10/10. Very sturdy and nice looking.
Price: it’s Illamasqua, not Rimmel, you have to expect the price. But it’s worth it.
Ease of use: 6/10. You do have to experiment to get the best from this palette but it’s worth it.
Would I buy it again? YES!

Until next time Dolls. Xoxo


One Comment Add yours

  1. I'm yet to try any liquid metals from Illamasqua, Superior looks amazing!
    Using translucent setting powder to set them is a great tip Hun!
    Maybe Its Megan Leigh xx

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