Manic Panic Vampire Red (AMPLIFIED) Review/Tutorial.

Hey Dolls,
Today I am reviewing an amazing product by the brilliant Manic Panic N.Y.C. I am a total ‘dyehard’ and I adore Manic Panics outrageously pigmented formulas. Before I get down to the serious review I must mention just how pigmented this dye is, my natural hair is nearly black and I only slightly lighten it and the dye TRANSFORMS my hair. If it can turn dark hair vivid red it must do incredible things to fully bleached hair.

I paid £12.99 for my bottle of Vampire Red which I bought from a shop called Blue Banana (Seriously it’s an actual shop! :O ) and for that you get 118ml of dye. It comes in a cool bottle with a press down lid with the holographic word AMPLIFIED taking center stage. I like the fact it’s in a clear bottle so you can see how much dye you have left.

Manic Panic dyes are totally vegan and are not tested on animals, big bonus! There is NO hair destroying ammonia or nasty chemicals. I can’t describe how soft it leaves my hair feeling. It says to leave the dye in for 15-30 minuets but I leave it in for 3 hours to fully develop in my dark hair. I know people that SLEEP with the dye in and wash it out in the morning.

It also lasts a crazily long time, usually semi-permanent dyes last about a week in my dark hair, this was still visible after two and a half!! And even better it didn’t bleed, stain the bath or have any other annoying issues! I’ve heard people with bleached hair say it lasted longer than most permanent red hair dyes they have tried. Now that is impressive. This was my first Manic Panic dye but after this I am 100% buying some different colours to review for you all. This is defiantly my favorite brand. I love the attention to detail, the colour range, the packaging, the list of celebrities that swear by it is amazing too! Katy Perry, Kerli, Rihanna, etc.

After a week of every day washing. STILL Vibrant!!! (WHOA)

It’s only hair dye.

*Tips & Tricks to make semi permanent dyes LAST*

1: Use warm water to wash your hair before applying the dye and use a PH balanced shampoo. Then use the coldest water you can stand to rinse the dye out.
2: Go as long as you can without washing your hair. Don’t sacrifice hygiene for bright hair but obviously if you wash your hair every day the dye won’t last long.
3: Wear a shower cap when the dye is in your hair. You will look frankly ridiculous but the shower cap traps heat, opening the hair follicle and letting the hair soak up even more colour.
4: Mix a little dye in with your conditioner and let it soak in. This is a great way of keeping your colour vibrant AND keeping your hair in great condition. 
5: Don’t blow dry your hair. Not only does it fade your hair dye, it also drys out your hair and scalp!
As a little side note if anyone has any picture of themselves with this dye on bleached hair can they send them in if they don’t mind me posting them? I’d LOVE to show my readers how this amazing product looks on bleached hair. 
Until next time, xoxo


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