Lime Crime Alchemy Palette Review

Hey Dolls,
So I am back from my holiday (a week on the Gower peninsula thanks for asking 😉 ) and am super excited to be back to posting on my blog. Before I start this review I want to make it VERY clear to my readers I don’t want this to turn into a “Bash Lime Crime” post. This is a review on the product NOT the company’s past actions. (Information on this is available online should you wish to read it)

I got the palette from for the sale price of £14 + the sites £3.50, which also saved me money on import duty, and although it wasn’t bought direct from Lime Crime there must be some magic unicorn glitter on that parcel as it arrived the next day!


The palette is in a gorgeous, and I do mean GORGEOUS gold box designed to look like a golden envelope. It is so unique, so adorable and I have to keep it in its box because I love it so much.  It really is beautifully designed so well done Lime Crime! (Love-Makeup also packaged the item very well too!) The actual palettes packaging isn’t something that, as a makeup student, I’d want in my kit bag because….well…it is a bit childish looking. It’s gorgeous and fun yes, but I’m not really sure I’d wish to get it out on a set. Products like MAC are much better suited for that role. 

It’s eyeshadow not paints…PROMISE!

While I love, as in LOVE the design on the tin of the palette…it does look and feel worryingly like a kids paint set; from the aluminium case to the plastic insert. However I’m far from knocking the gorgeous colours of it or the gold unicorn! 

Then we get down to the actual product. I will admit, when I read other BBloggers reviews of this product I thought “OH NO!! What have I done?!” But I REALLY love this product. Only however, when I learnt to accept no matter how much primer or product I use it’ll NEVER look like Lime Crime’s ‘swatches’ for this palette. They are not colour accurate and reek of Photoshop. However what you do get is five very pigmented, smooth, Vegan friendly eyeshadows in very unique colours. 
Left to right: Incantation (orangy/copper) , Lucky Charm (green), Love Potion N’9 (purple), Spellbound (Gold Shimmer) and Divination (Peacock blue) 
The colours are really unique and you can get really creative with them. There are certainly none I dislike. 
Top to bottom: Incantation (orangy/copper) , Lucky Charm (green), Love Potion N’9 (purple), Spellbound (Gold Shimmer) and Divination (Peacock blue) 
Incantation is by far the most pigmented, it is soft, buttery and outlandish on the eyes, it blends like a shimmery unicorn dream. I LOVE IT!. 
Lucky Charm is quite hard, you do have to layer it, but it is worth it, it is a dark ivy green and I really do love it, it is in my experience quite a unique green and once you have achieved opaque coverage it is very easy to blend. 
Love Potion N’9 is similar to Lucky Charm, it’s quite hard but once you get full coverage it is GORGEOUS. I really love this colour. It is amazing.
Spellbound. Well the name says it all…I love it. It is a rich gold shimmer that can be worn alone for a subtle gold lid or layered upon another shadow or used as a brow highlight or…well you get the picture. It’s butter soft and so blendable (Not an actual word)
Divination. Well, this is Lime Crime peacocking. It is a gorgeous, super pigmented dark shimmery blue. It is outrageously pigmented, much like Incantation, it’s Sugarpill level pigmentation. 
These shimmery colours really have left me spellbound. I love the fun attitude to this palette and I do love the colours. However the Photoshopped images do annoy me a bit. But that aside I LOVE this product!


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