Lady Gaga Applause Single Review!

Little Monsters it is HERE! Released eight full days early due to constant low quality leaks, Lady Gaga’s new single Applause is now on YouTube in full! This is quite different to Gaga’s other work but in some ways similar. It is a unusual mix of the ‘Sugar Pop/Rock’ of The Fame, the chilling Gothic industrial pop of Mons†er and the hard dubstep of Born This Way with a touch of EMD thrown in.

Personally I feel it is a lyrical step backwards and I far preferred the dark meaningful lyrics of The Fame/Monster or Born This Way however it is light years ahead of the inane whining of the likes of Wil.I.Am.

It has a very dancey vibe to it and the clubs will LOVE it no question, but for the queen of crazy it doesn’t feel all that …..crazy. It feels like another dance pop song…which it is. I expected something else. I expected loud dubstep, crazy unexpected guitars and insane vocals as per usual. This is a bit….non descriptive. I love it don’t get me wrong but I’m not really sure it will be remembered. I think it will do its rounds on Radio1 and then be forgotten. Much like Katy Perry’s single. I’m not saying she has sold out at all. I just don’t think it’s her best work.

Please leave your opinions in the comments section and listen to the full track below!


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