Maybelline Eyestudio Lasting Drame Gel Liner Review

Hey Dolls,
Today is an eyeliner review and this one is by Maybelline. It is their Eyestudio Gel Liner in Intense Black. I can’t rave about this liner enough as liquid liners are something I just can’t seem to do. But a gel gives just as an opaque payoff but with much more control.

You can expect to pay around £8 for this liner but I have seen it for less and for that you get a small, weighty black jar of gel liner AND a surprisingly good eyeliner brush. (BARGAIN!) I have to say I adore the packaging. It’s super sleek and modern. In a nicely shaped glossy box.

Not bad for drugstore brand packaging!

This liner is, quite frankly, brilliant once you have mastered it. It is fully opaque in one swipe and for eyeliner noobs like me it is very easy to get a smooth straight line or a sharp wing. The brush is quite good too, it does shed every time I wash it but, c’mon it came with a drugstore eyeliner….it’s not going to be a M.A.C or Illamasqua liner brush now is it?

A surprisingly decent brush

It’s a very thick gel, almost paste like and a little goes a long way so the small jar should last quite awhile.It swatches on the skin the exact inky black it looks in the pot. You don’t have to keep going over the same line to get the right colour. It is a very heavy black, perfect for smokey eyes or Gothic inspired rocker looks but with a subtle hand it is perfect for day to day wear too. Also the wear time is INSANE. In fact it almost lasts too long! My old eye makeup remover barely touched it! Unless you have the worlds oiliest eyelids this certainly will not sweat off in the summer. In fact I know several drag performers who use this to draw on their eyebrows. (Lets face it, no drag queen wants eyebrows running down their face)

One swipe

Yes it is very hard to remove without a good makeup remover, but a cleansing oil like MAC’s will wipe it off instantly so it is just a matter of finding a good cleanser. The one fault I have with it is that it takes awhile to dry. It is very frustrating to have spent ages drawing a perfect wing, look up at something and then, “BUGGER!” your perfect eyeliner is smeared over your crease. Once you’re used to it though it is easy to get around. Plus a cotton swab dipped in makeup remover is amazing for getting around smeared liner.

All in all this is an amazing liner. It easily competes with Illamasquas Gel liner and it is £10 cheaper & you get a brush! It is a fantastic buy, especially if you begrudge paying £18+ for an eyeliner. I’m told you can also buy this liner in dark purple (I WANT!) and dark teal so whilst it is not the biggest shade range there are a few other colour options available. 
This is a definite Gothinista approved item! 


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