Sleek Makeup Matte Brights Palete Review

Hey Dolls,
I am back once more to delve into a dark glittery world of powder and paint and this time I am taking you on a tour of what I thought would be the BRIGHTEST palette to come from a drug store cosmetics brand.

Let me start by saying I adore Sleek Makeup, I love the fact they are trying to bring bold and bright colours to the cheaper price range. You get 12 1.1g (Why .1?) eyeshadows in the palette and they all look bright and super colourful. I bought my palette for £7.95 from Sleek Makeup’s website.

It is packaged in a similar box to the other Sleek Makeup palettes. It feels smart but quite bland, if you’re making a bright product why package it in a drab black box? It looks good enough I suppose but I would expect something marketed as bright to be in bright packaging(You could call me fussy but I like products with a flair and effort behind)

In the pan the shadows look BRIGHT and I do mean, “Where’s my sunglasses?!” bright. I love the actual palette too, it has a very good mirror in and it does feel sturdy; however another packaging gripe is that if you have any other Sleek palette you won’t be able to easily tell them apart as they all look the same. Although I’m told they have started printing the palette name underneath the palette. 

The shadows look true to the description, bright and matte (how annoying it is buying matte products that have more shine than Beyonce). and it certainly is a very pretty palette. However it is a very mixed bag, the colours that are good are amazing and the ones that are poor are appalling. For example, when I first started using it the orange shadow was so hard and chalky it was like trying to bleed a rock to get any onto my brush. 
Blue where are you?

The top row of the colours are mainly VERY pigmented, all except for the pale sky blue which doesn’t even show up on camera! I’m also unsure as to why Sleek Makeup put two of pretty much the same colour in one palette. I can’t figure it out.

The bottom row REALLY let the side down. You will probably see there are only 3 colours visible instead of 6….well 3 don’t show up at all. Besides that the green is perfection, a super pigmented, butter soft grasshopper green (HELL. YES!) and the dark sky blue is also incredible. The orange is very hard and also quite…dirty looking. But it is still a nice enough shadow. Then we come to a nude pink with no colour to it at all, a bizarre moth gray with no pigment and a weird matte white which I still haven’t been able to get any out of the pan. 
I do like this palette. I like what it is trying to do…but it doesn’t do it brilliantly. I’d say it’s more a 7 colour palette as you have 4 that don’t show up and two of the same colour. If you want to try Sleek Makeup I would really recommend their Acid palette much more than this one. 
A very quick look using a few of the more pigmented shades.
Until next time dolls. xoxo

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