MUA Lipstick Reviews

Hey there Dolls,
Today I am reviewing two lipsticks I have had for ages by MUA, I planned them to be the first review on my blog but I kept forgetting. MUA is a brand which is duly raved about because of the quality of their products at incomprehensible prices. Super pigmented lipstick for £1? Who’s going to say no to that?!

I like the packaging, it is very basic but not cheap feeling, although their new lipsticks designed by *gag* One Direction do seem to be ripping off MAC’s ‘bullet’ shaped lipstick tube.

I will admit I deliberately chose two opposite finishes, Shade number 4 (a seemingly nameless shade) Which is a super light, glossy bubble gum pink that needs two coats to cover and  shade 15 which is called ‘Juicy’ which is a SUPER opaque coraly orange. 
I shall start with shade 4. It is a very pretty glossy pink, very subtle. One coat gives a very subtle pink shimmer and two gives a sheer but noticeable Bubble Gum pink colour. It is very light on the lips but it doesn’t wear long at all. Literally two hours maximum. However it was £1. I’ve had FAR worse lipsticks for £8+ so I’m not complaining about this one. 
Shade 4 left. Shade 15 (Juicy) right.

Then we come to the aptly named Juicy. I ADORE THIS LIPSTICK! Like seriously, it is opaque. In one swipe you get full on opaque coverage. It is incredible! I have MAC lipsticks that’re worse than this and I paid £15 for them! It is such a gorgeous coral colour. Perfect for a more dressed up ‘nude lip’. I really can’t rave about it enough!

I really need to try one of MUA’s red lipsticks. But these two are fabulous. Let me ask, where else can you get two quality lipsticks for £2 that WON’T burn your flesh?! MUA are amazing for tighter budgets. And I can’t recommend their products enough. 

Until next time Dolls. XOXO


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