New Years Day Victim To Villain Reviw

Hey Dolls,
I know this was originally only a beauty blog but I have since decided to include Fashion, Music & Film on my blog as well. Today I am reviewing an album by a band I have a lot of respect for, the female fronted rock band New Years Day.

I have a lot of respect for them for two reasons, one they are original and in my opinion very talented, (this band have been around for awhile they aren’t ripping off anyone, it is, quite the opposite actually) and two, during the hellish ordeal they suffered when touring with the scene band Blood On The Dance Floor I really respect the level of professionalism shown by Ashley and the band.

They have recently released their second album titled Victim To Villain, which has a concept I can strongly relate to, but more on that later. It is their second full length album, but as even the band have said, it feels like their first. This album is pure New Years Day. No outside influences it is completely them.

The first thing I have to commend front woman Ashley Costello on is the sincerity of her vocals. She can go from “I will kill you in your sleep” to the most soulful voice I have heard in a long long time. One line on the track Hello Darkness is so sorrowfully delivered it almost gets me in tears “I’ve always known that I’m alone, Hello Darkness I am home.”

My only complaint with this incredible album is that it;s a bit…well…short. I have bought singles with a longer running time than this album which clocks in at 34:41. But it is short and VERY sweet (with a twist of spite and vindictiveness obviously 😉 )

1: Do Your Worst: “You’ve got a nasty little side of you that’s new to me” Ash rasps as the opener of the album. This is an amazing track and a great start to the album. It is very fun and like everything NYD do it is very Halloweeny. 

2: I’m No Good: Sweet mother of holy pop punk. This is a very fun track. It is almost dancy. I really cant get enough of this. 

3: Bloody Mary: There seem to be a lot of tracks with this name recently. But anyway, this song is about other bands copying NYD’s style. “She screams her voice away so she stole mine. Spoke my words but they didn’t taste right. It’s imitation but I’m not flattered. And she’ll never matter in anyone’s eyes” This is a very very good track, in fact it is one of the album standouts! 

4: Victims: This track is a much more emo vibe, but it doesn’t loose the sense of fun. It still makes you want to dance. Something not many other rock bands do. It is not my favorite but it is FAR from poor.

5: Hello Darkness: This track starts so softly and I don’t think I have ever heard Ashley’s voice be as beautiful as it is at the beginning of this track. It is so heart felt. It is incredible. I love it. The emotion in Ash’s vocals is unbelievable I really can’t recommend it enough. I first thought this track to be about a failing relationship but now realize it is about suicidal thoughts and the darkness in everyday life. 

6: Death Of The Party: “We are the death of the party” Y’know when you hear a song and think “this was meant to be sung live and screamed by fans” well this is definitely one of those songs. It’s so catchy! It’s also got quite a positive message to it so I really dig this track.

7: The Arsonist: I love the opener to this track, it is so atmospheric and again BEAUTIFUL soft vocals from Ash. “How does it feel to take a life away?” I really love this track. It has a nice mix of soft and heavy rock. 

8: Angel Eyes (ft Chris Motionless of MIW): OH. MY. GOD. This track is like a drug. It is hard hitting and addictive. It is amazing! I love how well both Ash’s and Chris’s vocals work together and the video (at the bottom of the page) is amazing.  One of the albums best tracks definitely.

9: Any Last Words? This is such a good song! It is very good fun and it makes murder seem weirdly dancy! It is just such a fun track! Perfect for Halloween!

10: Tombstone:  I really REALLY wish this track was longer. Although if it was half an hour long it would still be too short. Ashley Costello has an amazing voice and this track SHOWS IT! It is so Gothic and so beautiful. “Rest In Peace, rest with me” It is waltzing and eerie and I just can’t rave about the vocals enough! It is such a beautiful track. Definitely one of the best on the album in terms of vocals and music.

11: Last Great Love Story: ” So take my hand, take my love, take my life. We’ll dance with the ghosts, with the souls of the night” The close to the album is definitley a belter of a track. Not the albums best but on any other pop/rock album it’d be a standout. 

I really love this album and NYD themselves, they seem like lovely grounded people passionate about music. So without question this album gets a 5 star rating! 

Music Video for Angel Eyes (Featuring Chris Motionless)

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