MAC Select Moisturecover Review!

Hey Dolls,
Today I am reviewing my trusty MAC concealer, their brilliant Select Moisturecover. It cost’s £15 and can be bought from MAC’s website (HERE). I bought NC20 which seems a pretty good match for me. You get 5ml of product in a sleek looking tube with a lipgloss style aplicator.

I do like the packaging a lot. It is certainly shatter proof plastic as mine has been dropped many a time. It’s very small, however it really does the job. 
It has a cute applicator that is very soft and PERFECT for dotting the concealer under they eyes or anywhere else that needs concealing. It can also be used as a highlighter too which I LOVE. It is a medium coverage concealer, it’s great for under the eyes or adding an extra bit of coverage but it isn’t heavy duty. 
However for those “Oh my god I look like a half dead thing!” mornings, over foundation this will brighten your eyes nicely! 
MAC’s online swatches aren’t brilliant…it looked almost grey on their website. I was concerned I’d end up with skin the colour of a dead fish. However luckily for me it is a perfect match! But if you can get colour matched and save the hassle of MAC’s swatches. 

Partially Blended
Fully Blended
It is a lovely creamy consistency that blends like a dream. You can also build the coverage without it looking cakey. If I need full on camouflaging “hide everything” concealer, I’ll always dig out my Illamasqua one. But for under the eyes and dark circles this is AMAZING! It works amazingly with MAC’s Studio Sculpt too as they have a similar gel texture. 
For a under eye concealer this is, in my humble opinion, BRILLIANT!
I’ll defiantly repurchase. So because of that it gets a 5 star rating.

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