Katy Perry Killer Queen Fragrance Review!

Hey my beautiful Dolls,
Today I am reviewing the BRAND NEW third fragrance from Katy Perry titled Killer Queen! Read the full review below!

I preordered the 50ml bottle of this new fragrance awhile ago for £29 and it has just arrived. It is the third fragrance from Katy and it is certainly a more mature offering than her last cat themed offerings.

Let me start by saying I ADORE the packaging. It looks amazing! The box is gorgeously designed and feels much more expensive than it is. It has a royal crown themed, red velvet style embossed box and fantastic logo design. I am a stickler for pretty packaging and this delivers!
Inside the box.
The top of the box

The front

The side

The back

It is very pretty and certainly stands out. Overall I am very very happy with the packaging.

The Bottle:
The bottle is a GORGEOUS ruby shaped bottle with a crown themed cap. It is stunning. Comparisions have been made to Dita Von Teese’s fragrance bottle but I find this MUCH nicer. It certainly stands out from the monotony of Celebrity Perfumes *cough* Britney Spears *cough*. 
The bottle is in a molded plastic tray thingy which does keep it safe but does cheapen things a little. However I’d rather a safe in tact bottle than a smashed to pieces one. I love the colour gradient (Like a real ruby!) and the detail on the cap. However I am told there was originally a stand for the bottle…there is NO stand so you will need to keep the bottle in the box. 

It’s stunning right? Definitely a thumbs up on the bottle!
The Smell:
The most important part right? These are the official notes that are listed.
Dark Plum
Wild Berry
Red Velvet Flower
Rainbow Plumeria
Natural Jasmine Sambac
Natural Patchouli Heart
Liquid Praline
You’re probably thinking “Oh how unique, a fruity floral.” It is not THE most unique fragrance ever..However it does have a trick up it’s sleeve. After awhile it turns very warm and rich smelling. It maintains the fruity sweetness but has undertones of spice and chocolate. It is gorgeous. Quite sexy if I do say so. It’ll definitely be an autumn/winter favorite for me. It lasts for ages too! I could still smell it after a shower. So it get’s a huge thumbs up for that! It is not too strong nor too subtle, like Goldilocks’s porridge it is JUST RIGHT. 

I know this will get comparisons to Lady Gaga’s Fame so let me say it smells very different, this is much sweeter and more vibrant. (It also lasts MUCH longer on the skin.)

Over all I am VERY happy with this fragrance. Without a doubt a 5/5.



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