Cosmopolitan Blend Perfection Sponge Review.

Hey Dolls,
It is scary that it has been a WEEK since I last posted on my beloved Blog! However as I have just started college today and was working on my summer project I hope I will be cut some slack. To make up for my grievous lack of posting I am reviewing the Holy Grail…Also known as the £4.99 rip off of the infamous Beauty Blender that I bought from Superdrug.

I have wanted to try the original Beauty Blender since I discovered them at last years IMATS however even though I knew how amazing they were, felt how amazing they were and though I knew I really wanted one…I couldn’t justify spending £20+ on a SPONGE. However, when I was trawling the isles of my local Superdrug I spotted this! And let me tell you..this big, expanding, hot pink, nipple shaped sponge has changed my makeup life!

Let me start by saying it is a blatant rip off of the Original Beauty Blender and after trying this there is no way in hell I’d buy a Beauty Blender! This is amazing! And it is £15 cheaper!

You first fully wet the sponge, then squeeze out every bit of water, the sponge somehow expands to twice its original size and you then dot the foundation around the face and “bounce” this spongy bad boy across your entire face. 
Unlike a stippling brush you  will not get ANY streaks or brush lines. It is impossible to get bad foundation if you use one of these! I have used it with the super thin Face & Body (by MAC) and the insanely thick and crazily pigmented Rich Liquid Foundation (By Illamasqua)  both with PERFECT results! 
The pointed end is perfect for applying under eye concealer or for getting foundation perfect around your eyes and nose! It is brilliant! You can even apply blush or powder with it! The only thing to remember is you MUST wash the sponge with cleanser after each use. Otherwise a wet, makeup covered sponge would attract every bacteria going. (gross) 
Without ANY doubt this gets a 5/5!


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