Makeup Is FAKE!

Hey Dolls,
This is pretty much a rant but there is a point behind it! One thing I get EVERY DAMN DAY is:
Why do you wear makeup?! It’s fake!” And to be honest…it’s starting to piss me off.

Makeup is paint. Let’s admit it. I have never looked at a painting of flowers and gone “That painting is lying! Those flowers aren’t real!.” Because it is a STUPID argument! Also, makeup does not make a person can make someone look fake but it dose not make someone fake.

In fact makeup is one of the truest forms of self expression as it the only thing on our bodies we truly design and create! (Unless you design and make your own clothing obviously). I have frequented enough “alternative clothing” stores to realize it is bulls**t, it isn’t ‘unique’, there are thousands of other people who bought the same outfit as you trying to be ‘unique’. However any combination of makeup colours can be mixed, different shades, shapes and designs can be created and it is by your own hand and mind.

Also if makeup is ‘fake’ then you should probably avoid getting tattooed and pierced too…because those aren’t ‘natural’ and they aren’t part of your skin. Sooo *cough* fake. *cough* See? That argument is rubbish…just like “makeup is fake”.

Is something that can give someone with bad acne scarring wrong? Or that can cover scarring from a car accident? Or correct things that make people feel self conscious to make them feel BETTER in their own skin? You know what? I LOVE makeup. I think it can do wonderful things and I love using it! To both improve my appearance and to make me stand out from the crowd! Mornings when I wake up, looking like crap personified I gladly reach for my Rich Liquid Foundation and twenty minuets later I not only look better, but I FEEL it!

What’s your opinion on makeup? Is it ‘fake’? Let me know in the comments section bellow!

However if it is ‘fake’, I’ll gladly hold my hands up and say “I’m the fakest bitch on earth!”


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