Eyeliner Types And Tips

Hey Dolls,
So I get a LOT of eyeliner questions. (Seriously it’s insane) So I decided to write about the different types of liners, how best to use them and which one I feel is superior.

The first liner in the lineup (pardon the dreadful pun) is the PENCIL:
Pencil eyeliners certainly do have a use. They are one of the easiest liners to use and can give good pigment payoff, are usually cheap and are really easy to use on the waterline…however there are disadvantages, they can drag the skin when being applied (this leads to wrinkles), they are usually not waterproof, they can smudge very easily (good for smokey eyes however) and have a tendency to break.

Top (Black) Maybelline Kohl Pencil. Middle (bronze) MUA Intense Glitter- Malt Chocolate. Bottom (white) MUA Intense Colour- Snow White.

Liquid is by far the most common eyeliner, it is also my least favourite. I personally find it hard to control and difficult to work with. It is also weaker in pigment. It is popular for wings and flicks and other cool designs but I FAR prefer using other mediums for that job.

Top (Black) Kryolan Liquid Liner. Middle (gold) Sleek Makeup Dip It Liquid Eyeliner in Gold. Bottom (black) MAC Liquid eyeliner in Black.

Gel eyeliner is a personal favourite. Holy crow you can get bold lines with a good gel. Gel is probably the most pigmented and the easiest to work with. However there is a limited shade range which is a drawback. However I think for creative lining, gel liners are one of the best! 

*Insert Fanfare!* The royalty of all eyeliner for me is the Cake Eyeliner. I LOVE IT! For creating weird and whacky designs I always turn to cake eyeliner. It is a solid powder (like a REALLY compressed eye shadow) that is mixed with a wet brush to create a SUPER pigmented liquid with the ease of a gel. The only drawback is they are expensive. However you will never run out of one! I have two, a dark navy by Illamasqua (shade Danger) and a pure black from Kryolan. 
That’s my brief guide to eyeliners anyway. I hope this has been of some help!
Until next time Dolls! 


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