Dior Skin Forever Foundation Review.

Hey Dolls,
So if you follow my Twitter (@Mrgothinista *hint hint* ) you’ll know I’m a makeup snob. I loath cheap makeup and am obsessed with quality…and there are few brands that symbolize quality and elegance as much as the house of Dior. So today I am very happy to be reviewing this gorgeous liquid foundation. Part of their Skin Forever range!

Everything about this SCREAMS quality and luxury. It is in a weighty glass bottle that certainly feels shatter proof. I am a stickler for pretty packaging and this is very very pretty.

It is a medium to full coverage that does need blending and then blending some more..otherwise it can look cakey. It has a luminous finish so if you aren’t a fan of dewy foundations I’d recommend a good setting powder! It retails at around £30 so it is quite expensive, however it is only £5 more than some MAC foundations so it isn’t HORRIFICALLY priced!

You get 30ml of product, which is the average for a high end foundation and what I love about it is that it has a pump! (Unlike the MAC Studio Fix where you have to buy the pump separately!)

It is a VERY thick liquid, almost gel like in texture. It also gives effortless coverage. There is one thing however, that I loath about this foundation…it is scented…in fact it is impossibly scented…it is almost like someone sprayed a full can of floral air freshener in a Lush store! After swatching this on my hand I spent about 10 minuets sneezing violently. So if you have a sensitive nose, be warned! 
It has an SPF factor 25, great for everyday wear but defiantly to be avoided for photographic work, lest you wish to look like a washed out corpse. It does last an incredible amount of time on the skin though! In fact it almost is impossible to get off without a cleanser, so that does tick a big box! 
Dior don’t offer the biggest shade range..their Airflash for example (which I DESPERATELY want to try) is only available in 3, yes THREE, T-H-R-E-E shades! They do 12 in this foundation…nearly all different variations of BEIGE. (With the exception of shades Mocha, Sand and Cameo)

It does cover beautifully, however if you want full coverage I have seen much better products WITHOUT the eye watering smell (and price). I wanted to love this foundation. I really did…however due to it’s price, sneezing fit educing scent (I could never wear this before going to a library) and lack of shades I’ve got to give this a 3/5.



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