Illamasqua Beguile Pigment Review!

Hey beautiful Dolls,
I am back with another review from my favorite beauty brand Illamasqua! This time on the gorgeous pigment Beguile!

This right here is 1.3g of pure DIAMONDS. If you love sparkles this is the pigment you NEED! It, like everything Illamasqua creates, is beautifully packaged. Their pure pigments have so many uses, this one is almost limitless! You can use it on the eyes by itself, on top of other shadows, as an OUTRAGEOUS highlight etc etc.

This is also one of the best named cosmetic products ever. Beguile literally means to “Enchant” and this pigment is pretty enchanting!

It looks white in the container however on the skin it is pure fairy dust! It is an opal glitter which is full of mint and pink sparkles. It looks stunning by itself or AMAZING on top of other pigments. Also for those who like to get creative with their looks, this would make a outrageous highlighter! 

No photo could do this pigment justice. It looks sooo much brighter in person it is unreal! It looks bland in these photos, I promise it is anything but. You can buy it from Illamasqua for £16.50 and I promise it is so worth the price! I can’t wait to get some more of these gorgeous sparkling beauties!


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