Illamasqua Baptiste Review

Hey Dolls,
So if you follow my blog you’ll know I’m a HUGE fan of British beauty brand Illamasqua. I love their dark, outrageous colours and the quality of their products. This is my first of their nail lacquers so I thought I’d review it for you all. x

I paid £14.50 for this nail polish and yes it is a lot of money but I 100% think it is worth it! It is packaged beautifully, like everything Illamasqua do. This is how Illamasqua describe their nail colours:

 spectrum of bold shades with a range of finishes including matt, rubber and high-gloss. Award-winning, extremely hardwearing and chip-resistant, there’s an Illamasqua Nail Varnish for every shade of humanity. Apply two coats for intensity and use with Illamasqua Nail Base Coat and Illamasqua Nail Top Coat for the perfect finish.

Baptiste is a GORGEOUS dark plumy purple! What makes it really stunning however is the flecks of red and pink that dance in the light. It is so pretty it is unreal. It looks gorgeous. It is one of those colours that look great on every age and every skin. Which is very rare!

As can be seen in this hideous picture of me with the colour only on my index finger, it is SUPER OPAQUE! That was one coat! It applies like a dream, as the Illamasqua brush is perfect and the lid is a dream to hold. It is incredible. 
It wears like a dream too. After three days I am yet to notice a chip. I am very very impressed with the colour, formula and packaging! 
Also as I do a lot of Illamasqua reviews, I have just noticed I have never mentioned how awesome their customer service is. It is brilliant, both in store and online! So if you ever have a problem with your order, you shouldn’t hesitate to contact them, the WILL sort it. (I reported a lipstick that was missing from my order, they checked their records and saw it wasn’t dispatched with my order….the next day a courier arrives with TWO LIPSTICKS!) Illamasqua certainly value the trade of their pro artist customers!


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