Schwarzkopf Live Colour XXL Red Passion Review!

Hey Dolls,
This is my first post in ages because I have been working on the HTML coding of my blog *yawn*. Anyway, as you can probably tell from my older posts I LOVE having red hair! I’m at my most confident with my hair red, I have no idea why…but I am. I have used every brand of semi-permanent dye going and decided I was a bit tired of looking like an axe murder victim every time it rained. And so I decided to try the Live Colour XXL permanent dye in shade 43: Red Passion.

You can buy this dye from pretty much any supermarket, Boots or Superdrug for around £5 which isn’t too expensive in my opinion. It comes with a mixing bottle filled with peroxide, the colour creme, post colour hair treatment, gloves and clear instructions.

Unlike most permanent hair dyes this doesn’t smell too bad! It doesn’t smell GOOD…however it doesn’t smell eye wateringly bad. After leaving it on for the 30 minuets and rinsing I was greeted with RED hair! Not purple, not orange…but pure RED
The conditioner included leaves your hair very very soft, which is brilliant. However it did make capturing the colour of my hair on camera very hard as my hair was so glossy my camera became very confused. 

I’m very happy with the colour result! If anyone requests it I will do an update on how the colour lasts as red hair is notorious for being hard to maintain! 
Overall I’m very happy, it is not quite the colour I expected but it isn’t waaay off, it may be more because of my mums dodgy application technique than the actual dye. 


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