Illamasqua Pristine Lipstick Review!

Hey Dolls, 
Today is ANOTHER Illamasqua review, this time on their black lipstick called Pristine. 
Hope you enjoy. xoxo

Illamasqua lipsticks come in the boldest of shades. All pretty dark (apart from the pinks and violets). I adore the sleek, glossy black packaging. It looks very retro Gothic.

This is NOTHING like the dire black lipsticks that come out around Halloween. 
It is very different from the oily, weak black lipsticks most of us know. It is pure opaque, matte black! You can get full opaque colour in about two swipes which is incredible! 
I would certainly recommend using a good lip balm and scrub before using it as it can be a bit drying as it is a matte shade. 
I know a lot of people go “Oh no I can’t wear that!” When they see black lipstick, however it is surprisingly wearable and also looks amazing on those who aren’t Gothic in dress sense. 
There are so many possibilities with this! Teaming it with a dark blue based red (Like MAC’s RiRiWoo) for a vampy ombre lip. Or for an ultra slick and evil Goth lip applying Illamasqua’s sheer lipgloss in Viloate (dark, shimmery ivy green) over the top!
I’ve only used one swipe so you can understand just how pigmented it really is!! With two it is OPAQUE!

I am so pleased with this lipstick. It is certainly very “statement” which I love. It stays on the lips amazingly. I can eat and drink with very minimal wear. I only had to touch it up once throughout my day…and that was after eating something greasy. (Which not only ruined my lippy but also my diet. *sigh*)

If you keep your lips soft with a good lip balm and scrub you should have no issues with this amazing bold colour. 


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