Illamasqua Rich Liquid Foundation

Hey Dolls,
The Killer King is back. Today I am reviewing a staple in my kit. My makeup baby. Rich Liquid Foundation by Illamasqua.

I received this foundation as a gift on my 17th birthday in July and instantly fell in love. Let me tell you now, this product can cover EVERYTHING and then some. 
The packaging, like everything Illamasqua does is gorgeous and dark. It screams quality. The bottle is plastic and has a great little nozzle, which unlike the MAC face and body bottle actually works! 
However, enough about the packaging, it is the product I LOVE. It is very thick. In fact if you put it on your hand it holds its shape! The coverage is out of this world! I can’t rave about it enough! My skin is not brilliant, however this gives me the perfect skin I was not born with. 
I love the nozzle applicator on this, which unlike the MAC Face And Body one actually works! AND isn’t impossibly messy! I am shade RF120 which is one of the palest shades Illamasqua does. It is the perfect colour match for me so I’m very happy. 

The smallest dot of this foundation will give FULL coverage! It is brilliant. I even water it down with MAC Face & Body or a moisturiser that is how thick it is! It does take quite a lot of blending, so I would recommend a Beauty Blender to avoid any possible cakeyness (not a real word I know).
This is the finished product! No redness, blemishes or scarring. It is a unique product that is only matched by Kat Von D’s Lock It Tattoo Foundation (Review coming soon). 
A word of warning though, I would not recommend this for anyone with dry skin as it will cling to any patches of dry skin. That is the only reason I’m taking this foundation down by half a point. However I don’t have ANY issues with it. 


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