Illamasqua Virdian Review

Hey Dolls,
This is my second Illamasqua nail polish review. I love their dark dramatic colours and the outrageous pigmentation and fell in love with this dark green with blue shimmer.
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I currently own both this and their gorgeous dark purple Baptiste. I adore Baptiste and had very very high hopes for Virdian….sadly though I was disappointed.

Let me start by saying the colour is gorgeous! It applies like a dream, it is so pigmented. Seriously it is almost a one coater. However it is it’s wear that lets it down. It started to wear at the edges after just one day which was gutting as everyone commented about the gorgeous colour. 
Virdian sits between green and blue. In some lights it appears dark blue with flecks of green and in others pine green with shards of blue. Either looks enchanting. It is genuinely stunning and so hard to photograph (even with my new camera) .
As always with Illamasqua you can tell a lot of care went into it. It is expertly crafted, from the bottle to the colour to the brush. It is perfection. Well it would be if it didn’t chip so much. Maybe though this gorgeous colour is the motivation I needed to invest in a good top coat? (any recommendations?) 
Virdian and all other Illamasqua polishes can be bought from their website or from any of their counters. 



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