Illamasqua Untold Review

Hey Dolls,
So today is ANOTHER Illamasqua review and it is on another of their nail colours. This time the gorgeous Untold.

When I look at this colour I am imedietly reminded of ruby slippers. It is a clear coat full of ruby glitter and it looks so pretty it is unreal.

It is a clear base so it is pretty sheer however two coats will cover your nails in ruby sparkles. What I personally love to do is put one coat of this over two coats of a red base. My personal favourite combination is this layered over Barry M’s Red Wine. It also looks gorgeous layered over a black as well.

It lasts brilliantly which I love and it also acts as a great topcoat.
I love the brushes on the Illamasqua polishes, you can get really neat edges (unlike Barry M’s!)
This colour would also look gorgeous layered over gold. VERY FESTIVE!
The only downer with this is as it is a glitter polish it is murder to get off your nails. However the beauty of the actual colour is so worth the extra time of removing it.
This is such a versatile colour I really really love this polish.




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