Schwarzkoph Got2b Glued Hairspray Review

Hey Dolls,
So it has been ages since I last posted and I’m very sorry but sometimes life just gets in the way. However, today I am reviewing the very neon Got2b Glued Hairspray by Schwarzkoph.

Since I began dyeing and styling my hair several years ago I have been on the hunt for a hairspray that lived up to its claims for an age and I have finally found one! In the very neon Got2b Glued Hairspray.

As I usually style my hair up and I have some of the thickest hair around I need a LOT of holding power but don’t want matte, crispy looking hair. I have tried hair sprays from Wella to L’oreal to Toni & Guy and have been disappointed by all of them and usually left with sticky, flat hair. However this one FREEZES the hair but keeps it soft and shiny. It is a miracle! 
It has a very soft peachy smell to it that wears of quickly and is very very pleasant. I am not keen on the very harsh, lingering smells of a lot of hairsprays. I also LOVE LOVE LOVE the bright neon yellow packaging. It feels very alternative and you certainly can’t miss this product on the shelves.  
It also has a diffusing nozzle so you get a nice dispersed spray instead of one spot that is like concrete.
I am over joyed with this product and really recommend it! If you want less holding power you can just use less and hold it further away. It is quite versatile and is defiantly one of my favorite styling products. 


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