Nina Ricci L’elixir Review

Hey Dolls,

Sorry I have’t posted in such a long time, I have been very busy lately. Today I am reviewing the latest fragrance in my collection. Nina L’elixir by Nina Ricci. 

I was first drawn to this scent when it was first released a few years back by its stunning artwork, as I have said in my previous posts, I love products to be designed with love and care and the promotional images certainly proved there was a lot of thought in the design.

The main notes of the scent are as follows:
Red Fruit.
It is very light and fresh and whilst it is nothing extraordinary or new it is certainly pleasant. Very fresh and fruity. I love this for days or evenings out, however I would’t personally say this is a night time scent, much too light and innocent for my liking. (But then I do prefer heavier fragrances anyway).

The bottle is designed beautifully, I love the red gradient of the bottle and the gorgeous silver lid. It is stunning and would look fabulous on a dressing table. 
It isn’t the longest lasting fragrance in the world however this is to be expected from a light fruity scent. 
Overall I am pretty happy with this scent, it isn’t my favourite but I do like it a lot. 


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