Sugarpill Burning Heart Palette Review

Hey Dolls,
Today I am reviewing the VERY popular Burning Heart palette by the amazing Sugarpill. This is certainly one for the colour lovers among the beauty world. 
Click the link below to read the review.

I was so excited to get this palette as I love BRIGHT as hell colours and have wanted to try Sugarpill for a very long time. £25 for four colours sounds expensive but as you get 3.5g of product of each colour it is very good value, compared to Lime Crime’s 1.5g and MAC’s 1.8g.

As regular readers of my blog will know, I am a stickler for nice packaging and Sugarpill really deliver on this, the palette is made out of ridged cardboard which I personally prefer to plastic and it has a gorgeous design printed on it. 

I adore every colour in this palette as they are all super pigmented. I recommend using a primer with it to get the BEST results from the product because when a primer is used you get such incredible colour pay-off it is unreal. My personal favourites in the palette are Love+ (matte red) and Poison Plum (dark purple). 
This is how the colours look swatched onto bare skin with no primer.. Trust me they look even more vibrant over a good primer. Flame Point (orange) is much brighter in real life…I am not sure why it has come out so dark on the camera. 
You can do a lot of different things with these colours, they also come out amazingly on face charts (which I am VERY) happy about. 
The colours last amazingly on the lid and you need so little to get amazing results. Without any doubt this is a 5/5 product. 



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