New Year, New Me: (YOU WISH!)

Hey Dolls,
So I have finally made a New Years Blog post….on the 4th of January…oops. Anyway I have seen a lot of “new year, NEW ME!” posts online and it got me thinking, how do I wish to change myself over the course of this new year? Well without sounding cliched, I am already seeing changes and whilst I don’t have any set “resolutions” there are a number of things I really wish to do this year.

The first change which I have already made (yay me!) and it is the inclusion of fish into my diet, I have been veggie for about 8 years now and have all but forgotten what things taste like. I made the decision because as I was advising friends, family, clients and models on how to look after their skin (eat a balanced diet, eat white meat and lots of fish, don’t drink coffee, cut down on alcohol etc.) I realised I was completely ignoring what I was telling people to do! And I could certainly see the effects on my skin and in my physical stamina. I am already seeing a HUGE improvement in the condition of my skin and body so I am very happy.

The next thing I wish to change in 2014 is my gloomy state of singledom (WARNING: This Blog may turn into a gay version of Bridget Jones). The issue being however, few things enrage me more than a lot of gay men….I have no idea how to express this without a lot of swearing (something I am loath to do on this blog lest my mother read it) but they are either overly feminine, over dramatic divas which annoys me or over masculine, over compensating hulks of muscle which frankly terrifies me…and even worse is the fact that it is near impossible to find an attractive, gay male with the capacity not to turn into a lying, cheating  bastard! (sorry mum).

I have high ambitions this year for my website and for this blog as well as for the college course I am currently situated on…Whilst it may not be what I wished to get from a college course (learning being the key factor) I shall certainly get the very BEST from it and more importantly get a qualification out of it AND more importantly to my creative nature, 4 KILLER portfolio pieces.

I do not wish to change myself this year, for the first time I am 100% confident in who I am, how I look, where I wish to go and how I want to do it. To me this year isn’t about change, it is more proving to everyone that I can do what a lot said I never could. Proving myself to my family who sneers at my style and my views and how I wish to perceive the world around us and most importantly have FUN.
And if anything focus on myself more than ever, I have never much cared for the views others have on me, but now, more than ever before I am confident in my own skin, what do I care if some people don’t like me? Or if people don’t get what I do or what I choose to wear?

This year, more than any other I shall live for ME. To me 2014 is about abandon and loosing myself in the physical and creative moment and creating something beautiful.

Do any of you guys have any new years resolutions or plans? Let me know in the comments section!


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