The "Alternative" Beauty Blogger

Hey Dolls,
I hope you had a very merry Christmas and a brilliant new year and today I am going to answer a question I have been asked a lot, why do I brand myself an “alternative” beauty blogger. Well the simple answer is, because I am not a fan of the pre conceived idea of what is beautiful as a Make-up artist.

I love using make-up as a tool to create characters and unique visuals, this is the same philosophy I apply to my branding and my artwork. For example my painting, such as the piece below which is currently a part of my website.

I love the decadence of vintage Gothic fashion and then merging it with surrealist ideas..I identify as an “alternative” beauty blogger because of my stance and ideas as a Make-Up artist…not because I adhere to a particular scene or culture.
Of course the fact I have studied the art of blood and gore application since I was 8 years old has obviously shaped my direction as a make-up designer. 

Some of my prosthetic designs.

As I was never formally schooled as a make-up artist (before I started the confusing, frustrating and tedious journey I now know as college) I think it became VERY important to create my own style and unique branding to stand out in the vastly over populated beauty world. I chose to reject the idea of a basic pink and white logo and dusky blue eyeshadow and nude pink lip applications of make-up and make a stand of my vision.

And so far it seems to be paying off well, I now have my Blog which I adore, a website I constructed of my own design and a large online following. I can’t wait to see what 2014 brings and am excited for all the challenges it throws at my door. 
My logo. Created by me.

Until next time.


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