My Personal Heroes

Hey Dolls,
As I am in a reflective mood and as I am going through all my work that I created last year I decided to do a post about the people that have/do inspire me and WHY they do so and why I think it is important to have personal heroes. I personally don’t feel they need to be a good role model, they just need to inspire you…perhaps they very reason they inspire you is because they are a bad role model. This is my list of my own personal heroes.

1: Alex Box.

Alex Box is EVERYTHING I love about make-up artistry, her work is bold, dramatic and…completely MAD! She is such a unique, talented, extraordinary woman and artist and I have a lot of respect for her. She is currently the creative director of Illamasqua and her work has been featured in some of the most famous fashion publications. I take so much of my inspiration from her work and comfort in the fact that creativity and artistic integrity has a place in the world of make-up. 
2: Marilyn Manson.
From when I was a young child to this present day Marilyn Manson is one of my biggest inspirations, a offensive, crude and shocking performer who’s persona not only shocked but made people think. I find it so interesting how one man named Brian Warner can become the vilified Anti-Christ of America, to me he is the definition of what is wrong with a world that claims freedom of speech belongs to all yet despises those who freely speak. Offensive, shocking and revolutionary at his best, thought provoking and artistic at his worst, for me personally, Manson will always be a huge personal inspiration.
3: Lewis Carroll.
I am a huge fan of surrealism and the stories and poetry of Lewis Carroll is something I find a lot of joy in, I also, in my more reflective moments love to delve into the darkness and depravity behind his Wonderland creations. The complexity of Lewis Carroll’s personal character captivates me just as much as his creations, in some ways similar to that of the work of Manson.
4: Salvador Dali. 
Dali’s beautifully painted worlds inspire me so much. They are a constant reminder to me that reality is an illusion and that anything can be warped and made beautiful. I could stare in awe at his paintings for hours and become ensnared by the thoughts and emotions that inspired the bizarre scenes. 
5: Jeffree Star.
I have loved Jeffree Star for a LONG time. Since his Myspace days. I fell in love with his androgynous style and music straight away and continue to love him now. I adore his make-up and can’t wait for his own line of cosmetics to be released! I love the fact he built his own reputation and style as well as creating the androgynous scene those in it know today. 
So these are some of my personal heroes, who inspires you? Let me know in the comments bellow! 

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