Lush Love Lettuce Review!

 Hey Dolls,
Today I am reviewing my first product from Lush Cosmetics, their Love Lettuce Fresh Face Mask.

I have meaning to get some products from Lush for AGES, literally ages, since they launched the mad anti animal testing publicity stunt years ago and in truth I have always kept forgetting to try their products. But by chance as I was walking back from another long day of college a few days ago I stopped in to my local Lush store and picked this up after hearing so much buzz about it from fellow bloggers.

It is a fresh mask so it does need to be kept in the fridge, I personally don’t mind this as it reminds me to use it every time I go to the kitchen, also because it is cold when you use it it also has a lot of benefit to the skin as it closes the pores and prevents the stripping of your skins vital oils. 
Because it is a fresh product with no alcohol or preservatives in it the product does have a use by date. Usually a month after the product was made. 
I really adore this product. It has made such a huge difference to my nightmare skin in just on use. I have combination skin with parts that are oily parts that are spot prone, parts that are very dry, black heads etc. This has fixed nearly all of these maladies, my skin feels incredible after using this product! Black heads and spots gone, dry skin buffed away and a healthy glow is in my complexion. 
It applies beautifully to the skin and you leave it on for 5-10 minuets before washing off. It is very “scrubby” so it is not an every day product but every other day it is my skin treat. As it has clays in it, it feels very tightening as it dries and it leaves the skin beautifully firm once it is removed. 
At £5.95 for 75g I feel it is good value for money. I shall 100% be buying this again and I shall have to try some more Lush products soon! 


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