La Rich’e Directions Rubine Review

Hey Dolls,
I promise I will return to makeup reviews soon but as I mentioned in my review of Manic Panic’s Vampire Red, I’m a huge hair dye fan. So today I’m reviewing my favourite hair dye which I picked up from Blue Banana. It is called Rubine and is by Directions. I can’t understand why there are no reviews for this amazing dye online but hopefully I can rectify that.

The dye is packaged in an amazingly convenient 88ml tub that you can literally just dip a brush in and apply it to your hair. No bowl mixing or hassle with this dye. You can mix Directions dyes together to create your own colours too ( Rubine and Midnight Blue is a favorite of mine 😉 ). Like all semi permanent dyes it is best applied to bleached hair unless your hair is naturally pale blonde. However I lighten my dark hair with a light 6% Peroxide spray and it works amazingly.

I promise this dye turns out red not purple!
I was mildly concerned when the dye arrived that it would turn my hair purple…not that I’d have minded that but I did want red hair dye. Then when I applied the actual dye to my hair it looked like a plummy redy/purple, and finally, three hours later (I really let the dye soak into my hair) when I washed the dye out I was left with gorgeous, glossy ruby RED hair. 
I will admit this dye doesn’t last as long in my hair as the Manic Panic Vampire Red (that almost lasts TOO long!) but I do prefer the colour. Vampire Red has a tendancy to turn orangy red in the sunlight. This looks a gorgeous plummy/rich red in the sunlight and a lovely red wine shad indoors. It also has a lovely creamy texture and is very moisturizing. The packaging is so easy and I love how concentrated the dye is. The colour can bleed a little, not too badly, but enough that it can stain between your fingers if you run your hands through your hair (whoops). 
As with any hair dye, WEAR GLOVES WHEN YOU APPLY IT!! I forgot once and had bright red hands for a week and hot pink nails for a month. Sadly that is not an exaggeration. It was slightly (completely) hard to explain. 

Despite it not lasting as long as the Manic Panic dyes I am so in love with the colour of this ruby red, I wouldn’t care if i had to dye my hair every day! The colour is so gorgeous and I still get well over a weeks wear on my unbleached dark hair! 

The dye in the pot.

If the dye starts to fade mixing a little with your conditioner is amazing for keeping the colour vibrant and your hair in amazing condition.

I hope you have found this review helpful. I’m away for a week from Saturday so it may be automatic posts for a week. Until next time Dolls, xoxo.


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