How To Get BRIGHT, Unnaturally Coloured Hair

Hey Dolls,
So anyone who has been following me for awhile or anyone that knows anything about me personally will know that I have always wanted BRIGHT coloured hair. It is only recently that I have finally plucked up the courage to do it! So I thought I’d share with my beautiful readers some tips for keeping their new hair vibrant.

Firstly, unless you are naturally very pale blonde you WILL need to bleach your hair. There is no way around it, although if you look after your hair properly afterwards it doesn’t do TOO much damage. I used Bleach London’s Bleach Kit and I can REALLY recommend it! It was £7 from boots and it comes with everything you need as well as a brilliant hair treatment!

So once you have bleached your hair it is time to choose a colour! But just as important as the colour you choose is the brand. I have tried and tested nearly EVERY brand of vibrant semi-permanent hair colour going, Directions, Manic Panic, Stargazer and Crazy Color have all been used by myself and I thought I should share my thoughts with each brand with you.

Directions is probably my favourite brand, for £4.50 for a 88ml tub I think they are amazing value! I have used Midnight Blue, Rubine, Fire and currently Plum. I have loved each one of these colours and they all last amazingly with minimal bleeding onto the skin. They are very nourishing to the hair and I love how easy to use they are.

Manic Panic:
Manic Panic, the original and one of the best brands out there in my opinion! Their colours come in two different formulas, classic and amplified, the amplified colours are said to last roughly 30% longer which is impressive! I have used and loved their colour Vampire Red (Amplified) for ages! It was the one colour which showed up on my then unbleached black hair. I also have their colour Hot Hot Pink in the classic formulation which I am yet to use but which I shall be reviewing soon! Manic Panic are the most expensive brand I have used but their products are really worth it! I am a major “dyehard”.

Crazy Color:
I bought two of Crazy Color’s colours (okay that got me confused) awhile back after a friend recommended them to me, I went for Pinkissimo (which I bought to top up and tone a red I had in my hair) and Cyclamen. I am not overly keen on either the packaging or the colours themselves, personally I like dyes to be in little pots where I can see how much dye is left, what colour it is and I can just dip a tint brush in. MUCH easier.
I also didn’t find the colours lasted very well…I found them a bit disappointing to be honest.

Well, you know the old saying “if you can’t say something nice..” that is a bit how I feel about Stargazer, I HATE the bottle with the idiotic rubber stopper that involves getting the dye all over your hands to pull it out, the fact you can’t reseal said bottle, and the fact the colours don’t last at all! I put their Royal Blue dye into my hair and it faded in ONE WASH to a disgusting, scummy green/grey that refused to budge from my hair.

I bought all my dyes from the AMAZING Blue Banana  which I can’t rave about enough! 
Also a great tip for coloured hair is to mix the left over colour with your conditioner and leave it to soak into your hair. Not only does this help stop fading but if you use a penetrating conditioner it will help repair the damage of bleaching. 
 Here is a TINY amount of Directions Plum mixed with a Wella conditioner. It really helps to keep the colour FRESH.
So this is my thoughts on the most famous brands of bright hair dyes, what are yours?! 

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