Kryolan Products: Reviewed And Swatched!

Hey Dolls,
So today after a surprise visit in college today from Kryolan with a HUGE array of products for us to play with in tow, I thought it would be an amazing opportunity to take loads of pictures and share my thoughts on a load of their products with you.

This will be a MASSIVE post and very heavy on pictures, it is fair to say I got a little (VERY) over excited.

Looking at the piles of cosmetics and equipment stacked up on the tables I felt like a slightly more masculine Alice in a colourful, glittery, powdery Wonderland!

The first products I wish to talk about is the eye shadow palettes. Kryolan do quite a few, I have the Viva palette and the “Eye Shadow Compact” palette currently in my kit but it turns out Kryolan do a LOT more palettes including a GORGEOUS looking “day glow palette”

The day glow colours really do look sublime in the pan, I was expecting Sugarpill level pigmentation and butter soft texture…I was however slightly (very) disappointed…I’d liken the texture to crumbly chalk and the pigmentation about equal. 
This is some of the day glow palette colours swatched on my bare skin. It was very hard to blend and it takes  a LOT of product to get any colour to show. I was not impressed.
I do love this particular palette, whilst the color pay off isn’t THE best I do adore the collection of colours, sadly the lable had faded on the back and the lady from Charles Fox was unable to tell me what the palette was called. ( I do so love when brand ambassadors know the products they are trying to sell)

I LOVED Kryolan’s cream colours. The palette pictured above was full of gorgeous shimmery colours, although I was not keen on the swampy, mouldy green in the bottom left corner. I also loved the cream colour wheel. The shades were gorgeous for a sweep of colour on the lids or perfect for highlighting. 
The Kryolan brow palette is AMAZING the powder shades are really pigmented and are almost waxy in texture meaning they adhere to the hairs. I really can’t rave about this palette enough. It is brilliant!
I really love this lip palette, the colours are strong and striking and have a lovely velvety texture. 
Kryolan have an impressive rainbow of shade in their nail polish collection although as I have not played around with the formula I can not really comment on their quality or performance. 

Kryolan has a VERY impressive eyelash collection, they have SO many styles and they all look really dramatic and exciting. I could envision so many photoshoots with these different lash styles. I will 100% be adding some of these to my kit VERY soon!

One stand out product that really caught my eye was their lip stains. Pigmented as HELL and very long lasting (it is still on my poor hand as I am typing this article after a shower). There are so many shades and all are perfect for catwalk or editorial work. 
Some other stand out products which I didn’t get the chance to photograph is their fixing spray which I personally use for sealing prosthetics and IPA make-up into the skin but is also amazing for make-up looks as well and their Illusion cream which I feel is a more expensive dupe of the Illamasqua Gleam Cream. 
I have had such a fun day with Kryolan and I am VERY excited to have the chance to share my thoughts on so many of their products with you.
Until next time. 


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