Sugarpill Heart Breaker Palette & Dollipop Reviewed

Hey Dolls,
Today I am reviewing both the Heart Breaker Palette and Dollipop by indie cosmetic brand Sugarpill.

I got these awhile back and I have only just got around to playing with and swatching them.

I love, love, LOOOOVE Sugarpill products, they blow all other eyeshadows out the water for me, if you want colour and quality go Sugarpill, you won’t regret it. Out of all of the crazy, bright colours Sugarpill have, the Heart Breaker palette is perhaps the most “wearable” (in Sugarpill terms anyway).
Like always with Sugarpill their palettes are made out of ridged cardboard and their single shadows are in a sturdy, plastic case. 
You get a LOT of colour with Sugarpill products, 3.5g of each colour to be exact and as it is VERY richly pigmented they do last a very long time. I also love the mirror in the lid of the palette. 

 I thought I’d let the colours speak for themselves though, these are the colours swatched LIGHTLY over NYX White Primer. From left to right is: Acidberry (green shimmer) Velocity (royal blue) 2AM (purple) Mochi (Sea blue) and Dollipop (Matte pink).

Velocity and 2am are the most pigmented out of the palette and I personally wish Acidberry packed more of a colour punch however they are all superbly pigmented. Also I have to say that Dollipop is THE most pigmented eyeshadow I have EVER used, seen or heard of, it is a smack of instant hot PINK.


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