Vampfangs Immortal Scents Reviewed

Hey Dolls,
So unsurprisingly as I am a GOTHinista I like heavy, unusual and distinctive scents. It was only when I was scouring the web looking for one last year that I discovered Vampfangs’ website. The second I saw a scent called Salem Witch Shoppe I bought it! And boy oh boy am I glad I did! It is still my favourite scent and my boyfriend loves it on me too so I recently added another of their collection “Funeral Parlour” to my stash and I thought it time to share my thoughts on them both with you.

They come in clear perspex boxers which are clearly labelled, very sturdy and whilst not the prettiest packaging in the world, it is far from horrific. 
The actual bottle of fragrance is housed in a cool black coffin shaped box, filled with white padding to keep the glass bottle safe.
These scents are concentrated oils, the bottle may look small but they last a LONG time and you need a tiny amount. My bottle of Salem Witch Shoppe has been used nearly every day since July last year and the bottle looks just as full as it did when I bought it! 
Salem Witch Shoppe:
Vampfangs describes the scent like this: 
“As a tribute to Salem, as well as a commemoration of the start of Vampfangs, we are releasing a new scent. “Salem Witch Shop” is an aroma combining such fragrances as incense, old books, herbs and musk. A limited edition, “Salem Witch Shop” is an uncanny and nostalgic replica.
Simply spell-binding. This scent was designed for both men and women”.
This scent is GORGEOUS! And their description is perfect. If you have ever been to an old wicca shop or similar this will be instantly familiar. It smells quite strong and you only need a tiny ammount but it smells wonderful! Old herbs, books, incense and other warm and homely smells. This smells totally unique and lasts forever on the skin. I can’t rave about this scent enough. It is perfect.
Funeral Parlour: 
Hand created and poured right here at Vampfangs! The most unique body scent you will every find! LIMITED EDITION! Designed to smell like an actual funeral parlor! This scent was created for both men and women.
After the overwhelming success of the scent “Funeral Linen,” some pleased customers urged the owner of Vampfangs to release a “Funeral Parlor” scent, to which he simply said “…EWW.” The difficulty that came along with perfecting such a delicate and bone-chilling fragrance seemed far too time-consuming. Till now….. 
Thus, the scent Funeral Parlor was born. We cannot tell you how we made it or why we can only sell small quantities of it. But, be advised that this is a limited edition for a good reason. There is no more and there will be no more after these bottles are gone. Poured and packaged, by hand, by Mercy Parker and the owner of Vampfangs, we bring you the one and only scent “Funeral Parlor”. Simply to die for.”

This is the latest scent I have purchased from Vampfangs, I was intrigued by the description. It is MUCH softer than Salem Witch Shoppe which I like and it really does smell eerie and familiar. If you have been to a funeral you will recognize this scent immediately! It is soft, creepy and I really love it! 

These scents can be bought from 


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