London Diary

Hey my gorgeous Dolls,

So I have recently returned from a weekend in London with my gorgeous boyfriend. I am embarrassed to say this was my first time in the capital city of the country I have lived in all of my life. After the exhausting 4 hour coach journey (4 hours next to noisy tourists and screaming children was not fun!) I arrived at the coach station in London and already got lost as it turned out my boyfriend was waiting for me in the wrong building.

Once I had tracked my man down and we dropped off our bags at the hotel and started exploring London. It was amazing to see just how many people are in London. As I am someone who lives in one of the more isolated parts of the country it was a little bit of a culture shock. Especially the underground.

It was such an amazing weekend for me on a personal level to spend a weekend with my partner but it has also inspired me so much as an artist. It has also given me such a push in the right direction and given me more drive to follow my dreams.

One of the most achingly romantic moments of my life was watching the sun rise in London with the man I love beside me. It was such a surreal and heart warming moment for me. Where everything in the world felt right. (Ignoring the fact that a woman was shot on the opposite bridge a few hours before) 
I loved the business of Oxford Street although I have never EVER seen so many people in the same place in my life. It was ridiculous and amazing…albeit slightly terrifying. It was also amazing to see the Illamasqua counter at Selfridges in London. Their staff are SO lovely. 
I really can’t recommend the Tate Modern however… As although I am a big art fan I am not sure much (any) of it constitutes the label of art…for example…

I really can recommend Camden however, it was such an amazing experience although I did feel guilty for dragging my poor boyfriend around the gothic clothing shops, notably the bombastic Cyberdog. 

I can’t recommend Hyde Park enough, walking around in the sun with the London skyline around us with my boyfriend was so amazing and will stay with me forever.


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