Miranda Hart: My What I Call Live Show Review.

Hey Dolls,
So on Wednesday I was lucky enough to see Miranda Hart live at the O2 Arena in London. This is something I had very very high expectations for as I am a big fan of Miranda Harts sitcom, as were the other sixteen THOUSAND people in attendance from the sound of them. It is Hart’s warm, family friendly humour that appeals to many and it is testament to her that she could fill the O2 to near full capacity.

One thing that stood out is that she owned the stage, she was confident from the second she started her own introduction to the end where she did an encore dressed as Beyonce.

I’d say it was less stand up and much more joy making. From her making 16,000 people imitate a posh party, to her making every single woman in attendance sing “I Will Survive”  to making two strangers go on a surprise blind date during the interval. There was not one part of the show that did not make you smile. Which in stand up comedy, is a real feat.

Miranda Hart really is at her best when she improvises and leaves the safety of her script. Whilst her jokes were well crafted they were too meticulously done,  laughter was guaranteed which made it seem a bit too safe. It was only when she started yelling at a woman walking down the isles to “GALLOP NOT WALK!!” before realising that said woman was on crutches that the real hilarity ensued.

It was a genuine, slick and GLEEFUL performance. She fired snacks into the crowd via an airgun, made the audience dance and  told stories of horrific social errors. And for her efforts there was not one person who left without a smile on their face.


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