Guilty Pleasures

Hey Dolls, 
Something occurred to me today when I was asked  “what are your guilty pleasures?”  and I remember thinking “what ARE my guilty pleasures?! Wait…do I even have any?” This got me thinking about the very meaning of what a guilty pleasure is. Something someone thinks we are not allowed to like. By definition it means something we should be embarrassed to enjoy. 
To me this feels repressive. 
Why should I feel guilty about what music I listen to or what clothing brands I choose to wear? Or god forbid I enjoy a certain TV show or movie. 
I feel no shame in admitting my taste in music ranges from Marilyn Manson, Alice Cooper and Motionless In White all the way to Lady Gaga, Adam Lambert, Ke$ha and MILEY CYRUS. Yet I refuse to be made to feel guilty for it. Why should I, or indeed anyone be made to feel the need to repress their taste to appease their social circle?
So no, I am proud to say I have zero guilty pleasures. So what, dear reader are your guilty pleasures? Do you have any or are you proud to live guilt free like myself? Let me know in the comments section bellow. 


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