Killstar Clothing

Hey Dolls,
Today I am posting about a brand I have been obsessed with lately, the genuinely amazing Killstar Clothing. I wish to make clear I am not affiliated with them and they have not asked me to write this post. All opinions are my own. 
I love Killstar’s designs and I thought I would share some of my favourite items with my readers. 
I simply adore the attention to detail in each of the digital print designs. 
The first piece that caught my eye and the design which got me obsessed is the Ancient Space T-Shirt. 
It is such a unique design and I adore the strong colours and symbols. It is also made out of VERY soft Jersy fabric. LOVE. LOVE. LOVE.
The next item is one I would KILL for, it is everything I love rolled in to one perfect leather jacket. 
It is Killstars Sigil Men’s leather jacket. Made from 100% leather. Handmade and embroidered. It is a stunning item and totally worth the £199.99 asking price. 
The next item is one I simply adore as it reminds me of a certain famous music video by a certain famous…slightly Gaga ( 😉 ) pop star. 
It is the Unicorn Vest. I love the inverted cross design. Alternative culture meets pop culture. As always with Killstar the quality is amazing. 
The next product is one I need in my life, especially at college. It is Killstars Occult backpack. It is currently sold out on their website which is the only thing stopping me from spending £30 I do not have. 
I do adore the array of symbols and imagery on display on this backpack. It really is unique. 
The final item I have fallen in love with is the Babylon Rose T-Shirt. 
This really is a beautiful item, another gorgeous all over screen print design. I really adore the vintage style it has. 
I can’t rave about Killstar enough, their customer service is faultless and their designs unique and stylish. They really are one of my favourite independent clothing brands and an exciting force in the Alternative clothing industry. 
You can buy their products directly from their website and they also offer FREE UK delivery on orders over £30. 


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