Stress…Lots Of Stress.

Hey Dolls!
I have not posted in ages, AGAIN and I am a tiny bit sick of opening all of my posts like this, suffice to say college has been getting me down lately and I just have not felt like writing. AT ALL. But I am pleased to say the Gothinista is BACK (insert fanfare here). 
I have been seriously struggling with stress lately. Stress and annoyance have been constant factors in my daily life of late. People forget I have the daily stress of being a student coupled with the stress of freelance make-up work, finding a permanent paying job, running my business as well as writing. This work load is not including the normal stresses life throws at us all. 
It has started to take its toll upon me. Not a single day goes by when I do not get the following, a blistering headache, sickness or, my personal favourite, blistering headache AND sickness. FUN. 
I have tried herbal teas, bubble baths, essential oils and more, all to no avail…in fact all those suggestions did was remind me I loath tea, baths make me uncomfortably hot and if nothing else the oils made my head worse. 
I physically can not wait for college to be done. I will breathe the biggest sigh of relief when I finish the disaster of a course I am on and start doing what I actually wanted to do. My L3 NVQ in Make-Up Artistry. 
Another thing I am really looking forward to is spending some more time with my gorgeous boyfriend, especially heading to London for my birthday. It is fair to say, my first time in London with him was the best time of my life. 
I feel kind of estranged at the moment. I am not entirely sure where I belong, my best friend (and guest writer on Gothinista) Hattie is in Australia for a month, my boyfriend is not in hugging distance and I find myself dissatisfied with college on a incomprehensible level. 

I do hope and expect the stress levels to diminish once I finish this train wreck of a college course (L2 Hair & Media Make-Up for those of you asking). I just hope this will be before I end up completely mad and bald.


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