Directions Midnight Blue Review!

Hey Dolls, 
Today I am reviewing Midnight Blue by La Riche’ Directions one of the “holy two” hair dye brands: Manic Panic (for which I am a brand ambassador) & La Riche’ Directions. 

When I dyed my hair I went through nearly every imaginable colour, red, orange, yellow, purple, green (NOT deliberately!) and lastly Midnight Blue. I was so excited to get my hair a pale enough colour that a blue dye would not turn green! (yellow bleached hair + blue dye = scummy green)

The dye came out amazingly! However…be warned! This dye stains anything and EVERYTHING. I washed the dye out with a pair of gloves on and rinsed with cold water for about 10 minuets to ensure every bit of dye was out of my hair. When I looked up I had a bright blue forehead and a sky blue bath tub which was originally white!! (This was fixed by putting some bleach and water mixture in the bath over night!)

After giving up scrubbing my forehead with everything from 99% alcohol, hair dye stain remover, nail polish remover and washing up liquid in a in vein attempt to remove the blue staining…I gave up…and embraced my matching hair/face colour combo.

The real shock came the next day when I tried to style my hair, I blissfully rubbed mousse and pomade through my hair and added some salt spray for my usual messy, scrunched up look and was aghast to see my hands and FINGERNAILS stained electric blue! I still have blue finger nails to this day! Although it has grown out half way giving a horrific 50/50 appearance!

Another word of warning with this colour! (yes seriously) AVOID THE RAIN AT ANY AND ALL COSTS! I was blissfully walking back from college when it started to rain and by the time I got home my face, neck, chest, shirt and scarf were stained blue!

All that aside, this is how the colour turned out! I loved the colour SO much! It was probably one of my favourite colours I went. However… the real issue came when I tried to remove it…

When I wanted to change my hair colour I would bleach wash my hair with a bit of bleach powder and shampoo and I would be taken straight back to my bleach blonde hair ready for the next colour…however this colour turned GREEN. Bright, oh my god, shrek’s skin colour GREEN. And what’s more it refused to budge any further meaning I had to run crying to Superdrug (wearing a hat obviously) to pick up two black box dyes. The dyes covered the green mostly but I am still left with a green hue in my hair to this day! 
This dye is amazing if you wish to commit to blue hair for probably the rest of your life! It is a gorgeous colour but in my opinion, not worth the incontinence, the damage to my sheets and wardrobe or the horror of removing it! 


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