Terror Eyes Vampire Contact Lenses Reviewed!

Hey Dolls,
Today I am reviewing my new contact lenses from Wildcat their Terror Eyes Vampire Lenses. 
I saw theses lenses on their website awhile back and instantly fell in love with them. 
It is only recently however I decided to purchase them. 
They arrived within four days which is quite speedy and were dispatched the same day witch shows amazing customer service. 
They were packaged securely within a cardboard box so there was no danger of them being damaged in transport. 
This is how the lenses are packaged. Please note you only get ONE lens per pack so you need to buy TWO. I do think this is quite good however for people that want two different coloured contact lenses for a really “Out there” look. 
The lenses have a one year life span when looked after properly which is a bargain for the £9.99 price tag (per lens! £19.98 for two!). 
My absolute favourite thing about these lenses is that they are thicker than most contact lenses I have worn in the past, this means they hold their shape better making them FAR easier to put in! It is also very easy to check they are the right way round! (Anyone who wears contacts regularly knows how painful it is to put them in inside out).
This is how the lens is pictured on the Wildcat website. 
And this is how they look in my dark eyes. The colour pay off is insane and they are VERY comfortable. They really make your eyes stand out and they look very hypnotic! I was mildly concerned they yellow and red colour may look like a serious eye infection…but rest assured they do look very vampire chic. 
I really really love these lenses, they are super comfortable, dramatic and high quality. I can really recommenced them. 
This is the site they can be bought from http://www.wildcat.co.uk/shop/terror-eyes-vampire-fashion-lens/art_188516/ 


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