Morganville Vampires Daylighters Review

Hey guys,
Today I am reviewing the 15th and FINAL book of the Morganville Vampires series by Rachel Caine. 
I have followed this series loyally since I randomly picked up the first book Glass Houses by chance, since then I have avidly read every book in the series multiple times. 
Caines characters are beautifully developed and fantastically witty. She has a brilliantly descriptive and entertaining writing style that I have fount unmatched. 
I was saddened to discover this is the last book in the series I have loved so much but I suppose if you don’t end a series after FIFTEEN books when do you? 
  All of the books in the series have been flawless and this one is no exception, it is fast paced, entertaining, witty and exciting and most importantly a fitting end to the epic series. 
I am genuinely saddened to say farewell to the unique characters of Morganville but the fantastic ending means that a future visit to the world of Morganville is not impossible.
I can not rate this book enough and I fully encourage anyone to check out this fantastic series. 


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