The Spider Shop Review

Hey Guys, 
Today I am reviewing a fantastic company The Spider Shop. I am aware that some of you may be wondering why the holy hell a BEAUTY Blogger is reviewing a company that sells large venomous spiders, but I have loved and kept spiders and scorpions since I was 8 and find them incredible animals.
I ordered a  Damon variegatus (Giant Tailless Whip Scorpion) on Bank Holiday Monday and she has arrived promptly this morning. 

I have ordered most of my tarantulas from The Spider Shop and all have been beautiful animals. From my first Mexican Red Knee to my scorpions to my BEAUTIFUL juvenile Venezuelan Sun Tiger Tarantula which I bought from Lee as a tiny 2cm spiderling two years ago. 

They also sell a large variety of tanks, heating options, tank decoration, live foods and quite importantly MASSIVE forceps so you don’t have to put your hand anywhere near a grumpy/murderous spider. 

Every single animal I have received from The Spider Shop has arrived securely packaged and in perfect condition. 

This is the gorgeous Tanzanian Tailless Whips Scorpion that arrived today in fantastic condition. Whilst I am not sure that I would relish the challenge of unpacking an adult tarantula that has been through Royal Mail unpacking even the fastest spiderlings is very easy and they are packaged VERY securely. (I live in constant fear of opening a shipping box and a loose Colbalt Blue leaping at my face). 
A huge thank you to The Spider Shop for the incredible animals they have supplied me with. I can honestly say they are one of the best suppliers of arachnids I have come across. They also readily give out advice on caring for specific species which is FANTASTIC for the novice keeper. 
I certainly have my eyes on one of their Martinique Pinktoe spiderlings but alas funds are tight for this student and I am not sure I can warrant the money to buy another spider (no matter how gorgeous) 
You can browse their fantastic collection of spiders and equipment on their website 


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