Lush Dirty Shaving Cream Review

Hey Guys,  
Today I am reviewing a shaving cream by Lush which is called ‘Dirty’. 
When I heard Lush had shaving creams I immediately wanted to try one of them, because when it comes to skin care my ethos is natural is better. I have tried shaving foams, gels and creams by most brands and all have left my skin dry, sore or irritated. This is due to most having a soap base and if there is one thing soap does, it is DRY OUT YOUR SKIN!
This cream by Lush is packaged in the brands standard black pot, I paid £5.50 for a 100g tub although I am told you can pick up 225g for £9.50 (which is better value). 
The ingredients in this cream are vegan friendly and include oat milk, honey, shea butter and Safflower oil. 
As such it smells of, putting it bluntly, herby porridge. 
However, this stuff leaves your skin SOFT. I almost thought I had been shaving with moisturiser instead of shaving cream. It leaves your skin smooth, calm and free of all irritation from shaving. The only downer is it does clog the razor a bit. 
I also bought this for some of my female friends to try on their legs and they testify it works brilliantly on the legs and underarms too! 


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