Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Review

Hey guys, 
So after MONTHS of saying I was going to buy this product after using the travel sized bottle that Urban Decay kindly sent me I finally purchased the full size tube of this product.  
I really love the packaging, it is unique and looks nothing like anything else on the market. I chose the original primer potion which doesn’t have a colour to it but they have an anti aging and two or three different shimmer finishes available too. 
You get 11ml of product in the full sized tube and you only need a small amount of it so it should last quite a long time. 
This product really does deliver in helping eye make-up last. You can get a full days wear out of pretty much any eyeshadow with 0 fade or creasing. 
Where this product REALLY comes in to its own is on bright make-up applications. This miriacle in a tube makes any colour at least twice as vivid. Below I swatched Lucky Charm by Lime Crime (ivy green) and Dollipop by Sugarpill with and without the Primer Potion. The difference is outstanding. 
I also used this product on my “Wicca” inspired photoshoot and every colour I used came out FULLY opaque. 
I am not sure if this product is worth using for everyday natural make-up looks unless you have very oily lids as there are some great primers better suited for that use…BUT for evening and more vivid make-up looks this product is the holy grail and easily worth the £16 price tag. 


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