Dream Eyes Natural Shine Violet Contact Lense Review

*Disclaimer: Although I did not pay for these lenses my opinion is my own and this review is honestly written. I would NOT put my name or recommendation to a product I did not love* 
Hey guys,
So the lovely people at SpookyEyes.com were lovely enough to send me a pair of Natural Shine Violet Contact Lenses by Dream Eyes for me to review for you. 
First off, a HUGE congratulations to SpookyEyes.com. Their packaging was second to none, when the lenses arrived there was not so much as a crease or tear on the box the lenses were packaged in. 
I adore the Dream Eyes packaging, it looks sleek and professional and I would happily use them on any photoshoot I work on. (I am a stickler for nice packaging).
The lenses were securely packaged in saline solution in sterile blister packs. 
I really do prefer this kind of packaging over the traditional glass vials. It seems much more sterile to me and it also doesn’t have the evil razor sharp metal lids. So 10/10 for packaging. 
Now on to THE most important part of coloured contacts. How they look in. 
The lenses are a gorgeous shade of dark purple with a burst of bright violet in the center. They are bar far one of the most beautiful pairs of contacts I have seen and certainly the nicest I own. (currently 7 pairs of differing brands).
They look natural but at the same time completely captivating. They certainly make me look far more doe eyed and innocent than I ever could naturally.
They are extremely comfortable and have a high water content. I can honestly say I can not feel them and they are by far the most comfortable pair of contact lenses I have worn. 
I adore these contact lenses and a HUGE thank you to SpookyEyes.com for sending them to me. I will certainly be placing an order with them for some special effects photoshoots I am planning they have an INSANE selection. 


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