Boy Epic

It’s my belief that music tells stories and Texas based musician Boy Epic takes that concept to a whole other level with his frankly epic and haunting trilogies. 
VERY little is known about Boy Epic personally, his real name and age among other personal details remain a mystery which allows listeners to focus solely on his music. 
I first discovered Epic via his YouTube channel and his single “Hell”. He has such a unique voice and vocal range and the production on every one of his tracks is second to none. 
However it is his recent trilogies “SkyNova” and “Who Is Parker Banks?” that have really caught my eye. Both stand alone short films are superbly directed, the cinematography is beautiful beyond words, the locations are picturesque and of course, the music is phenomenal. 
SkyNova is such a beautiful film, shot in Hawaii and superbly acted. The locations are stunning, the story gripping and the three songs are haunting. I refuse to spoil the storyline for this as it is so engrossing you will have to see it for yourselves. 

I personally am obsessed with the middle song from this trilogy Chapter Two: Vampire Sunrise. It is such a unique sounding song and the lyrics are intense and romantic.

Boy Epic’s latest trilogy is the rollercoaster ride that is: Who Is Parker Banks?
It tells the story of a sex driven, alcoholic and drug abusing young man by the name of Parker who is on his own quest for salvation. The imagery in this film is both explicit and beautiful. Again credit to the cinematographer. Everything is beautifully shot and lit and Epics voice over narrates the story perfectly.

Please be forewarned before watching this film on YouTube, it contains moderate nudity, sexual scenes and explicit drug use. However, Epic makes these scenes part of the story, they are not there to be gratacious. Every scene is vital towards the arc of the story.

The absolute stand out track for me personally is the incredible “Dear World”. It is such a heart breakingly personal song and the compisition is beautiful. It is a credit to his talents as a songwriter.

For an artist that found fame online by singing covers of others songs, it is his original tracks that mark Boy Epic out as a true star and a gem in the music industry. Please, support this incredibly talented independant artist. I personally can’t wait to see what the future holds for this unique and talented singer. 


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