Butler And Wilson Review

Hey guys, 
Today I am reviewing two pieces from the British brand Butler And Wilson. 
I am a huge fan of this brand and own a number of their designs. 
First thing I have to say is if you are not a fan of statement jewellery this is probably not the brand for you. Everything they make is ostentatious and loud. It is also extremely high quality.  
I adore the boxes they package their items in. They look quirky and classic. I am not sure why there is such a size difference in the boxes considering they both contain large necklaces but…oh well. 
I went for two of their more “out there” and alternative pendants. One being a very large gem covered coffin and the other a gorgeous eye with an enormous crystal tear drop hanging beneath it. 
The eye is beautifully designed and detailed and the teardrop hanging beneath it is crystal clear and stunning when it catches the light.  
The other item is a gorgeous crystal encrusted coffin. The front and sides of the pendant is covered with differing sizes of crystals. 
Inside the coffin is an embossed skeleton which my camera couldn’t capture too well. The coffin locked is fixed with a strong magnetic clasp. I love how weighty this piece feels. It is surprisingly heavy.
Both these pieces are superbly made. I have worn Butler & Wilson’s designs for years and I have NEVER had a stone come loose from one of their items. The quality is exceptional. 
You can buy their items online or from one of their stores. 


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